The best Hanukkah gift ideas for the people you love

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

My Hanukkah GiftsHanukkah or also known as the festival of lights usually begins at the first day of the month of December. Mostly people who celebrates these occasion are the Jewish, wherein they recite blessings, light candles, eat food and of course, give out gifts. The celebration of this special event lasts for about eight nights, and it marks the victory of the Maccabees over a tyrannical Syrian King.

The eight-day festival of lights is one way to put in mind that after the victory, there was only enough oil in order to light one night. The oil lasted for about eight nights, therefore the eight candles and the Shamash, which is the candle that lights the other candles, are extremely essential in the Hanukkah ritual. Aside from the usual food and games, giving of gifts has also been a great part of the tradition, as well.

With a holiday that only lasts a few days, Hanukkah makes it truly hard for anyone to shop for the perfect gifts to give. Always keep in mind that when you look for one, choose those that are relevant to the holiday. Purchasing the right gift is extremely crucial, especially when it is for a special occasion. Here are some great Hanukkah gift ideas that you may want to consider buying:

- Hanukkah has a tradition to light a candle, so what better gift to give but a candle? You can make it even more special if you can include incense to it. Many people wonder if they still have to purchase a special candle for Hanukkah, but the truth behind is that any candle would always do.

- Another great gift to give on Hanukkah is a gift basket. For sure the person who will be receiving this present is more than happy to receive it. You can either buy one or create your own to make it even more special, and filling it different kinds of treats you like. However, just be careful on the treats you put in the basket. Ensure that the treats inside the basket are aligned with the Jewish faith.

- A picture will also be great as a Hanukkah gift especially when you are celebrating it with your family. You can always give them a surprise like a picture frame together with their names engraved on it, and put in the family picture you took during the last Hanukkah celebration. This will be a nice gift because it brings back good memories of the past.

- A piece of jewelry as a gift would never miss this occasion. You can always shop around and search for a nice silver "Star of David" pendant which is extremely perfect for the girls. The best part is that it is not expensive and there are even various designs available.

All of these Hanukkah gift ideas will definitely help you in purchasing the perfect gift for the people who are close to your heart. It is highly guaranteed that you will make a big impression, as well as your gift will be remembered for such a long time.