Hanukkah Gifts - Top 7 Favorite Presents

Hanukkah Gifts

My Hanukkah GiftsOn Hanukkah it is traditional for Jews to give each other gifts. Ironically, the 'tradition' is not an ancient tradition but something that has only come around in modern times. It is thought, that the reason why Hanukkah gifts are given is because of the closeness in dates to the Christian holiday of Christmas when gifts are given to one another.

Anyhow, whether it is the right thing to do or not, gifts are given nowadays and it seems as if that is here to stay.

An easy gift to give is money. Everyone loves to receive money and it means that the receiver is able to then go and purchase what they really want to buy. In fact, when you give money on Hanukkah it is referred to by the Yiddish phrase Hanukkah Gelt which loosely translated means Hanukkah money. The problem with giving money though is that it is extremely impersonal and it is likely that once a few weeks have gone by, the person who receives it will no longer remember either to buy something or if they do then they will no longer associate it with the person who gave it.

If you want to buy a present for a child, then you may be a little lost on what to buy them. One way is simply to ask them or their parents. Another great solution is to take a look at something called Ebay Trends (do a search on Google) and this will tell you what the latest trend is for this year.

Having had 2 brothers growing up, people used to buy one present between the three of us which meant that we would basically get a big present that we all really wanted rather than a small present which wasn't suitable.

Choosing presents is not always such an easy task and can be a great faux-pas if done wrongly. For that reason alone, I wish you huge luck in finding something that will suit the person you are giving it to.

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